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About ME!!!1

Hi Guys!!1 My name is Meredith Lindsey Kite and I'm 15 y/o.

I go to Episcopal High School (GOOOO Eagles!!!!) in Jaxonville and I'm on the cheerleading squad. Hmm...what else? I love my friends (VARSITY SQUAD GIRLS 05, SEXY FRESHMORES, and dont forget my 904 CHICAS!), I like to go shopping at the Orange Park Mall, and I have a sister. PINK is my favorite color in case you couldn't tell. I'm into all kinds of music, especially Nelly, Good Charlotte, p!nk, Linkin Park, XTINA Aguilera, Ciara, Blink182 (omg mark hoppus so hot punkrawkz0rs!) and lots more! My favorite stores are Wet Seal, 5-7-9, and Body Shop (gotta love Cucumber Melon lotion!)
Let's see what else...oh yeah i'd tell you more but I AM 2 CUTE 4 WORDS!

I'm like 40% Hilary Duff and 40% Lindsay Lohan. Hilary because I'm nice and popular, and Lindsay because im REDD HOT! I'm also 20% Avril Lavigne b/c im punkrawk 2.